Music Hip Hop 2015 St.lucia jazz festival

From the multimedia cast of Triangle of crime an interactive e-series comes cultural hip hop artist мтрих who has been personified by the author Richard D Fortune who is known for his previous work as a producer and versatile artist.
Мтрих music portrays the diverse matter of mood, found in the interactive climaxes and anti-climactic events. Scenes which reflect lust, seduction, rage, revenge and despair. мтрих is undoubtedly an un-apologetic, poetical realist alter ego of Richard D Fortune. A production encompassing ecliptic sounds from various era’s in hip hop from early 80’s classic boom bap to modern day hybrids of trap, chopped and screwed, Caribbean era as in creole folk, reggae, dancehall and Reggae ton.

Global music superstars jam boogieing, gigging with seasoned local cultural hip hop, reggae and Zouk master’s amidst picturesque beaches, jungle ruins, and the world’s only drive-in volcano, one word. St. Lucia.
Currently мтрих and the triangle of crime production team, has embarked to release their first single, “Time and place”, music video currently in production.

мтрих music is all about one world a concept so, true! With a sound that’s Born to fly miles, up and away with the Triangle of crime sky team, music that sets the listener to catch a fly-t with мтрих high flying living up in your personal club loyal to club adventure citi.

The song highlights the classic cinematic themes of the overall interactive experience; crime, mystery romance with stories all set in the Caribbean, originating from the island of St. Lucia, West Indies.
Sweeping, intimate, iconic and historic blends your metropolitan likes your escape, this sunny side of life, its St. Lucia Jazz festival, baby!
мтрих, Triangle of Crime and the now release, “Time and place” has a feel and sound like classic hip hop of the mid 1990’s similar to Tupac Shakur’s hit debut single, I get around” and Capone N Noreaga “thug paradise” from the major motion picture soundtrack, Nothing to lose ,staring Martin Lawrence, Tim Robbins.

Some people ask what does: Мтрих mean? it means, two roads, where what we see and what we feel meet, as a play on words, without making it happen purposely, штрих means, the touch together with the Mtrikh symbol the three columns, reflects an ancient truth in many walks of life.

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here is also a link to my song,

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